A Poem about Reader and Poet



Dear Treasured Reader

If you come seeking light, a splendid literary ride,
you have come to the right place — but
the door is small
and you must set your sights to fit.

There are no vampires here, nor will you find
detectives solving crimes, nor superspies.
No bodices will rip, unless it’s yours,
having a sudden laugh
at my expense, or at some hidden wit.

You won’t find epic valour here, no sweeping tide
of vice, no blood and guts besides
the blood that feeds the heart that boldly beats
behind the words,

and all the guts it takes
to lay them at your feet.


ABOUT THIS POEM: This is simply my invitation: to understand how vulnerable the poet feels disclosing herself through poetry, and to read with an open heart.

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  1. Hi Marilyn, whether by poetry or prose, your words are healing you and nurturing others. Your thoughts and feelings have been a long time cogitating and now they spill easily on to the page. To keep them inside would be a shame and to share them a gift. Thanks.


    • Thanks, Hilary. To share them is a gift to myself, too. The written word is so potent! Where would we be without the writings of others to connect us to out own thoughts and feelings??


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