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Where to begin? I’m a Christian, an English teacher, a late-blooming writer, and a taker-of-long-walks. I’m an introvert who loves talking to people, a twenty-something trapped in a fifty-something body, a book lover who quit her book club, a poet who fell hard for Breaking Bad, a home decorator who inflicts too much purple on her loved ones, a Canuck who’s never watched Hockey Night in Canada, and a word-game whiz who can’t figure out which remotes and buttons (*#!!) turn on the TV.

I’ve never played a videogame, but I’ve lived in a tree house; never been to Vegas, but I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro; never held a gun, but I’ve camped in a tent while cycling North America, mostly alone. I’ve never met a movie star but I did get to talk to Mother Theresa. She told us adopting a child from India was next to impossible, and then it happened.

I’ve never worked in an office, but I’ve supported myself by cooking, waitressing, fishing, delivering mail, working in a daycare, serving hospital food, selling music and labouring as a night janitor. (Worst job by a long shot: cleaning gas stations at night.) All of that was long before I went into the ministry and lived in lots of different countries, adopted two amazing children, and finally came back to my home country after twenty years abroad. Oh, and I’ve never had Botox, but I have had typhoid fever, malaria, and several unexplained collapses and seizures, some of which involved falling down stairs. I’ve delighted in the best of times and stumbled through the worst, and I’m here to write about all of it.

Friends Like to Share What They Love and What They Seriously Can’t Stand.
Here’s my current list:

Purple / Beige ~~ Garlic/Cantaloupe ~~ Travel/ the ‘travelling’ part ~~ Thrift stores/ Malls ~~ Hiking, Running, Walking / Treadmills and Stationary Bikes ~~ Talking One-on-One / Loud Parties and “Group Hikes” ~~ A Clean House/ Being Harassed for Liking a Clean House ~~ Canyons and Mountains/Tour Buses, Interstates & Highway Billboards ~~ The Strange, the Unusual, and the Exotic/ Conformity, Predictability….. & the Color Beige

So. If you ever see me in a beige pant suit, chomping down cantaloupe and travelling the Interstate by diesel bus, on my way to a group hike round the mall followed by some gym time, totally unconcerned about my slovenly house in the suburbs, and wearing a “what’s-it-to-you” look on my bored, inscrutable face – you’ll know I’ve completely lost it.

Rescue me.

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  1. Your writing intrigues me, I want to keep reading. But, I like reading people’s printed diaries. Who keeps diaries anymore? A loss for future generations. You wrote about Samuel Pepys. I only heard of him six years ago – what a fascinating man. Would have loved to visit the library where his volumes are kept but didn’t. I was a member of the ICOC for 20 years and knew of you and Henry but never met you or heard you speak. I was in California so our focus was the Pacific Rim where yours was Eastward. I’m a retiree who lived in Mexico for three years and I’m not living in Paris. Nice huh? Your traveling days are probably over but mine are just beginning. I look forward to your next update. Love and blessings. Bobbye Trotter


    • Yes, your life sounds like it’s on a wonderful trajectory — must be wonderful to live in Paris and have time to savour it. We did a whirlwind trip there (like all of our fly-by trips in the ministry) and spent one unforgettable day at the Louvre. I hope I still have some traveling days ahead as there are many places I’d love to visit….at a different pace this time. Thank you for all your comments and support.


  2. Hm. I like beige. Purple? Not so much.

    I bought a purple fuzzy blanket last year. Why? Not sure. A lady came by our house, rifled through our Recycling Bin….so, I called her in for coffee and gave it to her. Seemed appropriate.

    Had it been beige, I likely would have kept it. Perhaps I harbor a poverty spirit….

    There’s poetry in everything.

    Loved your borscht rant.


      • My reply was a bit contrarian. In actual fact, my beige is really Coffee with Cream…and, although PURPLE is a tad overwhelming, I love lavender and more mauvey, more bluey tones.

        When I was twelve, I had few clothes — all hand sewn by my mother. Everything was purple or cream fortrelle and dumpy looking. ick, ick, ick.

        Aren’t beets more deep red than purple? …but, don’t get me started on deep reds… they turn me BULL. I’m a pink-chick at heart.


  3. OK, I do love coffee-with-cream browns. My mother always dressed me in mud browns and icky yellows — saying they were my ‘best colours’. I realize now that I do suit chocolate browns… but I gravitate towards most shades of purple, along with reds and blues. And now I get to dress myself however I want 🙂


  4. Marilyn, where are you and how are you? You were just settling into a new community last year and probably got too busy to write. I’ve missed your writings so, please, if possible, fill us in.


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