Big Announcement! (Excuse Me While I Blow My Own Horn)

In the midst of your crazy-fast lives, some of you may have noticed that after a trickle of short-lived resurrections on my blog, I’ve been AWOL for a while. Let’s not consider how long it’s been.

I’m sorry. But let’s find out why.

Hopefully you’ll be relieved to hear that I haven’t been foundering in the Slough of Despond or wallowing in the Trough of the Uninspired, or losing track of days and months through endless social media or web-wandering. (Though I do read a lot of book reviews online, and that’s become addictive.)

No. In fact, I’ve been writing. A lot. In late February, I completed the manuscript of my first memoir, Paradise Road. And I’m very excited about it!

I’ve been carrying this book inside me for a long, long time: more decades than I care to admit. It’s been brewing like fine whiskey, waiting for a run of uninterrupted days when I’d be free enough of distractions and familial concerns to focus on doing it right. And I finally got that time. When I sat down to write, over a year ago, the memoir flowed like a dream: day after day, it practically wrote itself. After that, of course, my successive drafts needed lots of editing, revising, and polishing to make my final product the best it could be. I worked hard.

And the process has been a joy, from beginning to end.

Of course, this isn’t really the end; it’s more like the middle, or even the beginning of the journey to publication. I’m seeking an agent and/or a publisher to bring my baby into the world. At this stage, it’s all about industry research, the all-important query letter, synopsis writing, and the one-minute Pass/Fail moment when my one-page appeal lands in the agents’ hands (or computer screens) for their cursory inspection. I’m a newbie to all this, so it’s a little daunting. But I believe in my book. I believe it holds its own among other fine memoirs (and I’ve read scores of them, I assure you; I’m a memoir junkie). I also believe in the power of prayer, and the promise of Proverbs 22:29:

Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.

Maybe I’m extrapolating a little too much from this verse, but for some reason it keeps running through my head. This book, I humbly posit, merits a wide audience. Because here’s the thing:

Paradise Road isn’t just a memoir of an unconventional life (the first 24 years of said life, anyway); it’s the story of how a gutsy, lost,  devastated, boundary-less New Ager finds redemption on a solo bicycle quest after losing everything. It’s about the hound of heaven and the power of truth and the beautiful brokenness of relationships. It’s about complicated grief, and finding unexpected grace and quintessential answers where you least expect them to be.

In short, it’s a book with a captivating story and a message of hope, and I want it to reach as many as possible. Which is why I’m asking for your prayers and support.

Here’s what you, dear readers, can do for me.

Get the word out. Lots of friends out there – wherever you are, all over the world — know me (and Henry) from the wonderful years we spent intermingled in your lives. You’ve followed my blogs about the HKL (London, the Letter, and Looking Back) and the years of recovery from life and ministry trauma recounted in the second series (Turn, Turn, Turn). You know my middle life, and my later life, and how I write about it. You know lots of other people who know me, or have heard about me. And you know what I care about most.

So please, tell your friends, our friends, about this book. Direct them to this blog post (or to my Facebook page,  and ask them, if they’re genuinely interested, to send me a public comment indicating they’d like to buy and read my book once it’s published. (And you leave one, too.) I want agents to know I already have a loyal, built-in readership – and I want you to know the book is on its way.

Please pray for the right agent and the right publisher to make it all work out.

There’s more to come. I’ve got another memoir (or two or three) waiting in the pipeline to be written. Hurray! (Some of you might be in them!) And I’m going to post more about Paradise Road on this blog: the table of contents, early reviews, teasers, and short excerpts. I’ll keep you posted on this leg of the writer’s journey, this quest to land my manuscript in the right hands.

For my part, I also promise to stop disappearing. Or at least, to show up and apologize more frequently when I do. Be assured that when I do disappear, it’s only into my keyboard, doing what I love and spinning my wonderful, true, tragicomic tales into readers’ gold.

OK then. Horn blowing over. Missing Writer recovered.

Now I’m waiting for my comments box to feature you!


P.S. The featured painting is by my super-talented brother, Philip Mix.




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  1. I am your forever friend. I will, now that I know, eagerly anticipate your memoir/s. Of ourse I will purchase it, recommend it and buy it for others. Love always, Mary


  2. Marilyn,

    We’re rooting for you and praying that your book will be published soon. Put me in line for at least five copies for outselves and family members, I can’t wait to share your work with them… it’s incredible.


    • Hi Marilyn,
      We would like to have one of your books! Please add us to your list. We’ll be praying for you too. Love, Gerry and Shirley


  3. Love to pray for all that is involved in the publishing process and definitely want to purchase your book!
    Please keep me informed when it’s available.!
    Congratulations Marilyn ♡


  4. Have you thought about self publishing I have done this through Amazon Kindle and Lulu for paperbacks. It works really well and I have sold a lot of copies.


  5. Hi Marylin, I would definitely read this book and will pass on details to others. I love reading your blogs and am sure this will be amazing.
    Love to all your family x


  6. Love your beautiful, insightful, fun writing style- it reflects the beautiful, insightful, fun you. Look forward to being able to read about the beginning of your journey!


  7. Hi Marilyn,
    Was excited to hear about your soon to be released book. I, like you, have had numerous books “brewing” for years and God finally opened the door to publish one. In January it went viral! It’s been exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time to know how many people are reading all my topsey-turvey responses to the ride God had me on. Just wanted you to know I’m with you heart and soul and pray you’ll find just the right venue to share your hard earned wisdom with the world.


  8. Hi Marilyn,
    I came upon your blog serendipitously and it completely resonated with me. So happy to hear you have completed your first book! Can’t wait to read it! I’ll take 2 please! One for me and one to share with a dear friend who I have introduced to your blog.
    Many blessings!


  9. If your year off means your memoir…it was worth it! Sign me up for multiple copies, Marilyn! I can’t wait to read it. You have much to share and you share it beautifully. x

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Yes I’d like a copy to read. I love the way you write and sounds like an inspiring story as you have had a unique journey and I’d live to read about it and learn from your faith.


  11. I just shared on Facebook and I will buy anything you write my beautiful friend. You have my full support here!


  12. I am absolutely thrilled you have finished your first of many books and very humbled that you count me among your friends. Can’t wait for an autographed copy😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will buy your book because of your honest writing. You should feel honored because I don’t buy books, I believe in libraries and don’t feel a need to posses them. But, for you I’ll make an exception. Can’t wait. Bobbye


  13. I DO feel honored!! To be honest, I’m a voracious reader but can’t afford to buy many books — and I love libraries, too. (And thrift shops, which sometimes have books I’d never find at my local library.) Please pray for the right agent to pick up my manuscript. A dream-come-true agent is reading my MS now ( or intends to, soon) but it’ll probably be a while before I hear back. Meanwhile, I’m deep into writing my second book 🙂


  14. Did you ever publish this? I am dying to read it. Happy to act as a beta-reader if you haven’t published yet.


    • I’m still seeking an agent/publisher….And have completed a second memoir since then, also looking for representation. You can message me on Facebook if you want to discuss beta reading….thanks!


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